About Us

About Codementum

Codementum is a platform established with the basic goal to teach coding to children from 8 to 16.

Our platform has been developed by experienced Computer Science teachers living in the UK, US and Europe.

Using coding and algorithm, children acquire 21st-century skills like the ability to view problems from different perspectives to find solutions, to think in a systematic and creative way and to offer the shortest solutions. When students understand the logic of algorithms, they realize that everything occurs in a certain order and those essential things do not happen when there is no certain order. Coding is not only limited to computer sciences, but it is also very important in terms of interdisciplinary interaction.

Recognizing the importance of the skills of our age such as algorithmic thinking, analytical thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, design-oriented thinking many developed countries have made a radical change in their education systems. Countries such as the USA, the UK, France, Finland, Germany, South Korea and Israel have incorporated the Coding lesson into their curricula from the primary school level in order to teach coding from the early ages to be able to grow individuals equipped with the 21st-century skills.

The Codementum basically provides e-learning opportunities aiming to form a basis for advanced computer skills required at the primary and secondary education level, by improving the algorithmic/computational thinking skills of the students.

Codementum is a game-based online e-learning platform with completed Research-Development activities (age-based learning level etc.) which is used in private and public schools to teach algorithms and the actual coding language. It has a certain curriculum and student-teacher interaction opportunities.

The national and international literature review was made when creating the Codementum. It has been evaluated several times thanks to the cooperation with schools and universities.

  • To teach students to create algorithms and code the generated algorithms.
  • To teach students analytical thinking based on computer-like thinking.
  • To teach students to make systematic calculations by taking the variables into account.
  • To improve the problem-solving skills of students in order to help them be able to find the solution in the shortest possible way, are among the objectives of the platform.

There are important points that we take into account when teaching our subjects in Codementum.

  • We have sorted our subjects from the easiest to the most difficult, from the simplest to the most complex and from known to unknown.
  • We have created an effective, fun and game-based learning environment using background sound.
  • Thanks to our intelligent tracking system, we have developed a system that automatically assesses and scores the solutions found by the students.
  • We have set up the live support service to respond to any inquiries regarding Codementum.

We have designed our platform which provides real and block coding opportunities. These two modes are integrated into Codementum. Smart Control can be used to keep track of the learning progress of the students.

Using Python and Javascript languages, which is one of the ideal coding languages for the beginners of the coding lessons, our students can develop all kinds of software independent from the platform used. Thanks to Python and Javascript, one of the most popular languages of today, with a syntax that is easy to write and understand, our students enjoy learning to code.

The platform is teacher-led however students are able to work independently as all required resources and information is provided to both teacher and student.

So, after teaching algorithmic thinking and computational thinking logic, we teach coding with real programming languages in a gamified way. After learning coding, students can develop platform-independent mobile games and applications with what they have learned. In the final stage, students learn artificial intelligence and machine learning subjects which shape the future. In addition, both students and teachers can access all necessary content and quizzes for STEM and Computer Science courses.

With a team consisting of young and experienced people who are open to innovations and who love to research, Codementum is constantly renewing itself by providing updates and keeping up to date with technology.