Codementum App Maker

Develop platform-independent mobile applications!

In both Python and JavaScript programming languages, children can develop mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms with the help of an online trainer.

Once they have a complete working application it can download onto mobile devices using the QR code provided.

Learning how to code does not only teach children how to solve problems with IT, but it actually helps to nurture creativity, logic, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied in both their professional and personal lives, now and in the future.

Text-based coding is the preferred computer language used today in 99% of all software products.

Sample Projects

Tutorial Steps

Simple Calculator:

Sample Mobile Application

You will learn how to create a simple introductory mobile calculator app from start to finish by completing all the steps.

Achievements and Assessments
  • Returns value by using function
  • Designs the screen of the Simple Calculator project by using design objects (input, button and textbox)
  • Defines click event and uses it
  • Declares variables and assigns a value for the declared variable
  • Makes operations using the values entered into inputs and assigns the result to the variable
  • Defines design objects within a class
  • Defines function and uses the defined function
  • Receives the values entered into inputs and assigns them to the variable

You can follow your development for the application you are working on with the graphics we provide. You can continue your work at any time from where you left off.


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