Easy Coding Adventures • 7-11 Ages

Advanced Coding Adventures • 11+ Ages

Student Resources


Detailed subject explanations

You can easily give this training even if you don’t have any experience thanks to our detailed subject guide documents that allow you to teach gamified coding and computer science education.



Block mode turn off and the main character go very fast feature.


Useful Suggestions

We've developed a "Code suggestion" feature to make it easier for students to transition to text-based coding.

Codementum Studio

Learn coding in a fun way by playing games!

In our educational gamified platform, children will learn coding while playing an adventurous game.

Our brave heroes are trying to save our world from enemies.

Join this adventure-filled process.

Synchronized Text-based and Block-based Coding

With our Synchronized Text-based and Block-based coding system, children can switch between text and code blocks at any time.

This way, children learn how to write real code and establish algorithms with the help of code blocks.

By converting text-based code into blocks, children will be able to construct algorithms faster by visualizing the code when they write.

It is hard to imagine life without software usage today and synchronized text-based and block-based coding is a fundamental part of this process and can better prepare children for the 21st-century

Curriculum Content

Our interactive learning platform allows kids to progress at their own pace and seamlessly transition to text languages like


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